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Seasons of the Pines
A Photographic Tour of the New Jersey Pine Barrens

Photographs by Bob Birdsall

First published in 2004 by Island Publishing, this book is in its second printing due to its popularity with people who know and love the Pine Barrens as well as those who just want to see the beauty of the renowned area which comprises more than 20% of the land in New Jersey. This "coffee-table" book shows it all; plants, animals and incredible scenics including the cranberry and blueberry harvest. 

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People of the Pines

by Bob Birdsall
Contributing Editor Janet Jackson-Gould

Published in 2007 by Plexus Publishing, Medford NJ

Words from our publisher: "Nature Photographer Bob Birdsall (Seasons of the Pines) celebrates the people and traditions of the Pine Barrens of New Jersey in this beautifully illustrated volume. Birdsall's perceptive lens and engaging text illumine more than two dozen individuals and their ways of life - many of which are fast vanishing.....What the "People of the Pines" share in common-as evidenced by Birdsall's intimate and inspiring portraits-is a boundless passion for this unique and storied land."

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People of the Pines the DVD

Produced in 2008 by Birdsall Nature Photography; Reproduced in 2014

This DVD is based on the book People of the Pines. Journey deep into the New Jersey Pine Barrens, meet some Pineys, hear their stories and listen to their music. Peek into the Jenkins Chapel in the Pines and visit the Albert Music Hall and the Pickin' Shed for a delightful experience in a land beloved by so many,

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People of the Pines Book and DVD



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